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All types and textures welcome.

What does that mean to us?

You'll never be turned away or charged more because of your hair or skin type.  You'll never be made fun of or treated awkwardly.  There should never be aggression or pain.  There should always be continuing education for service providers to learn, grow and improve.  No matter the state or condition of your skin or hair, you are welcome here. 

The 1994 Salon & Spa began when two beauty professionals saw a need to bring a luxury salon and spa experience to people of all skin and hair types.  When Ivy Jacobs and Hanna Hurd opened their doors in 2023,  they were flooded with people of every demographic who craved just that;  to be welcomed just as they are.  

Every detail no matter how small has been thoughtfully designed to create a holistic beauty experience from start to finish.  From the design of the decor to the carefully selected retail offerings,  each element is curated to help each client fully unwind in a safe, relaxing environment.  Come see for yourself,  we can't wait to serve you. 

Hanna Hurd

Co-Owner and Lead Esthetician

Hanna is a holistic esthetician with over 7 years in the industry. She specializes in customized facials, sugaring hair removal and all things brow related. Hanna views every service as an opurtunity to educate and connect with clients to help them reach their goals.


Ivy Lou Jacobs

Co-Owner and Lead Hair Stylist

Ivy is a hair stylist of over 10 years with a focus on curls and texture.  Ivy enjoys giving her clients a luxury salon experience, making them feel valued and heard.  

Ivy is taking new clients on a very limited basis.  Her books open to new clients on the first of every month at 9:00AM, thank you for understanding. 


The 1994 Headshots 38.jpg

KK Osorio


KK's specialties include curly cuts and vivid colors.  She also has a special place in her heart for braiding, especially festival braids!  

Ella Habla español e inglés


Hannah Gemmell


Hannah has been a licensed hair stylist since 2010.  Her specialties include creative, fantasy haircolor and modern, designer haircuts.  She does not shy away from a wild color idea or project;  she says "bring it."

The 1994 Headshots 50.jpg

Misa Ayala


Misa has been a stylist since 2011.  Her specalities include curly and textured cuts, natural balayage highlights and short cuts.

Braeden Blunt


Braeden comes to The 1994 with over 13 years of hairstyling experience.  He specializes in lived in, effortless haircolor and haircuts that enhance the client's natural texture and features.


The 1994 Headshot 53_edited.jpg

Olivia Twiggs

Aprentice stylist

Olivia is joining The 1994 as an apprentice and is devoted to learning and hopes to become a texture inclusive stylist upon graduating from her apprenticeship!  

Olivia is available for select style services only,  

206-735-2457 | @Naturalhairbyliv

Join our growing team.

What is important to us:

A friendly, relaxed and professional work environment.

Continuing education and a desire to grow as a service provider.

Flexibility and time off to recharge and stay inspired. 

Being able to serve every demographic in our community.

If that is important to you, please apply. 

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