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What haircut is right for me?

Coily haircut


Choose this option if you have hair that is highly textured.  Sometimes this hair type appears as tight coils and/or zig zags.  Some describe this hair type as 4A, 4B to 4C.

Do you do children's hair?

Yes,  The child must be mature enough to sit for detangling, washing, cutting and basic styling.  We do not offer special kids pricing,  all service pricing can be found on our services page. 

I wear a headcovering, do you have a private place for me to get my hair done?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer a completely private hair styling experience.  Our spa however, is completely enclosed and private.

How can I prepare for my haircut/spa service?

For curly haircuts-  It is ideal for the client to arrive with their hair down,  detangled if possible and in it's natural texture.  It is ok if the hair is not clean or free of products.  

For hair color- It is ideal for the client to arrive with day two or three, detangled hair.  If the client has curly or coily hair, it would be ideal to come with stretched or partially stretched hair.  If the client is getting a bleach out or bleach retouch, please do not wash the hair for at least 4 days ahead of the appointment. 

For skincare services- please refrain from using any retinols, exfoliants or other active ingredients in the days prior to your appointment. Avoid sun exposure (including tanning beds) for at least a week prior to your appointment. Please make note of what skincare products you are currently using to discuss with your service provider.

For hair removal- Hair should be at least 1/4 of an inch long. Exfoliate the area 1-2 days prior to your appointment. Avoid sun exposure and tanning in the days prior to your appointment. Avoid exercising, alcohol and caffeine the day of your service. Take a pain reliever 30-45 minutes prior to help with any discomfort.

Why can't I book _____ online?

In order to provide the best possible experience for all our clients and service providers, we do not allow some services to be booked online.  This is to ensure that the proper service and timing is booked for each individual situation.  If you are having trouble with online booking, don't hesitate to contact us for more help.

Why isnt my discount code for AG Care working?

Sometimes AG pauses our discount code because they have other sales going on.  Our code offers our loyal clients 20% off but this can not be combined with any other offers so it may be best to wait until their sale is over or if you need your products faster,  take advantage of any sales they have running at the time! 

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